Victory “Fuel it”

[stream base=x:/ flv=Victory-Fuel-it.flv hd=Victory-Fuel-it.flv embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /] Integer Group chose Post Modern, Coupe Studios and Crosspoint for the latest commercial for Victory Motorcycles. The footage was shot entirely on RED ONE at 4K. Jason Sedmak (Post Modern) cut on Avid Media Composer (using Metafuze to transcode the .r3d files to .mxf). Eric Anolin conformed the 4K .r3d files + AVID .aaf in Baselight. Crosspoint delivered 12-bit, 4k .dpx files, and Sedmak finished the spot in Autodesk Smoke. Coupe Studios composed the original music. edit/fx | Jason Sedmak, Post Modern color | Eric Anolin, Crosspoint original music | Coupe Studios

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Crosspoint Hires Sr. Audio Engineer

With a recent upswing in business, Denver’s premier post production house announces the arrival of Sr. Audio Engineer Kirk Clausen. Kirk’s extensive understanding of music theory has lent itself to his ever-growing success. His sound design experience spans from studio to stage and encompasses live music and theatrical productions. Kirk comes to Crosspoint with an established understanding of Logic Studio, and our complete Pro Tools audio system. Everyone at Crosspoint is excited to add Kirk’s talent to the roster and his personality in the hallways. For more information about Crosspoint and their recent growth, call 303.233.2700 or

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Boston Market – Lunch for Lunch

Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising recently recruited Walk the Line Films and Crosspoint to execute two new Boston Market spots. Walk the Line Films’ Director of Photography, Roger Sackett, shot all food footage on a Sony EX1 using a lens adapter to accommodate the use of film primes. The results are stunning and look remarkably close to film, at a fraction of the cost. From there, Crosspoint editor, Luke Bishop, integrated the Sony XDCAM with a graphical treatment created in Adobe After Effects and assembled the piece in Apple’s Final Cut Pro. The spots were then sent to colorist, Eric Anolin, to be graded in Filmlight’s Baselight ONE. The digital files effortlessly transferred between the two suites using XML and were conformed in Baselight for finishing in AVID DS. Donald Cosiglia added all the finishing touches, including 3D, to finish the spot. client | Boston Market agency | CCT Advertising production co | Walk the Line Films edit, graphics| Luke Bishop, Crosspoint color | Eric Anolin, Crosspoint finish edit, graphics | Donald Corsiglia, Crosspoint sound | Rocky Mountain Recorders

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Oscar Nominated Short Film “Logorama”

Just watched the short film “Logorama” during a render and was blown away by the animation and creativity. What I am really impressed with is the pre-production and set design that went into it! To gather the 2,500 Logos used to create the world must have been a painstaking task. The story line is hysterical. What would be a fairly depressing story arch is made laughable by animated classic logos and iconic spokes-figures, (ie. Ronald McDonald trafficking high caliber fire arms and enriched uranium.) The story consists of various parallel characters ultimately coming together in a Magnolia-esque  culmination….. Minus frogs. Here is an excerpt from our friends at “By French design collective H5, Logorama is worth taking the 15 minutes or so running time out of your lunchbreak (there is some potentially NSFW language).” Here’s the link to it on Facebook. Check it out. I’d give it an oscar.

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Focus on the Family Tebow

Focus on the Family partnered with Tim Tebow and his family to produce the organization’s first Super Bowl commercial. Steve Vidano shot on a RED camera; and he and Paul Murphy edited on Final Cut Pro. Crosspoint’s Baselight color grading system gave them the power to conform the Final Cut timeline from the raw .r3d files and manipulate the images at full 3K resolution. The spots were delivered on HDCam SR for the CBS broadcast. agency | Focus on the Family production co | Vidano Films edit | Paul Murphy and Steve Vidano conform | Steven Lopez, Crosspoint color | Eric Anolin, Crosspoint

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