Go ahead. Leave it in.

You’ve got the creative juice. Put it to use making something you enjoy without doing client monkey work. That’s right. No tags. No legal. No format whatsoever. Enter your video before it goes viral in the :30ish Film Festival, brought to you by Crosspoint. This is how it works: Create a :31 to :39 movie (camera. cellphone. webcam. whatever.). Submit your video to Crosspoint by June 28 July 7*. Your film will be judged, laughed at and mercilessly scrutinized by a jury of your peers. Then join us in the Crosspoint parking lot on Thursday July 21st, from 5pm to 9pm, to witness what the best creative minds in Denver could come up with. You could end up with the $300 Grand Prize. Food will be provided by three of Denver’s hottest food trucks. If that’s not enough, FREE BEER and wine. No celebrity swag bags at this festival, just door prizes provided by the finest establishments along West Colfax. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Entries should be :31 to :39 seconds long… or :40. Whatever – as long as you don’t cut a boring :30 with 10-frame fade ins/outs. 2. Quicktime ProRes HQ or H.264 is easiest, but we’ll find a […]

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Classic Behind the Scenes Photographs

I stumbled upon this link while surfing Reddit today. It is a great collection of behind the scenes photography from iconic film shoots. Films like Metropolis, The Shining, Ghostbusters, Star Wars and Requiem for a Dream are included in the compilation. Not only do these photos show candid moments of actors out of character, but also the rigs and sets used to create such iconic pieces of popular culture. Very cool.   via ( and (

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