The Best Way to Use Video on Websites in 2016

Why businesses of all sizes NEED to include video in all marketing plans moving forward

Web video production services have never been hotter. Increasing in every industry, businesses everywhere are beginning to discover the capabilities of a compelling video. Instead of wading through pages of technical details, videos bring concepts alive. Video marketing allows your audience to have the closest thing to an in-person experience, making your products or services far more real to them than a text-based description.

With websites and social media becoming an ever-increasing part of today’s market, video-based marketing has become a must for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Many forward-thinking business owners have taken the plunge into video content with enthusiasm, but don’t have the experience to know how to construct a video that engages, and how to then leverage it.

How can you utilize your video potential to the fullest? An experienced team such as ours knows how to create the structure for effective web video production and implementation. Let’s explore a few of the ways you can give your company an extra edge with video marketing:

  • Home page videos: There is a marked increase in conversion rates when the home page has a video offering an introduction to the company, services and/or benefits. Lengthy sales letters are often seen as stale and uninteresting, especially to millennials, who are used to short messaging as a normal form of daily communication. A video gives you the opportunity to create a human connection, making your company feel more trustworthy and approachable to your audience.


  • Landing page gates: Gates are a helpful way to increase your email list, as well as getting a better look at who your audience is. A simple way to utilize this is to create a landing page with an email gate. Usually, this is a request to provide an email in order to view a video or access a free report. This process allows you to connect with a new lead as soon as they express interest by signing up.
  • Content vs. product pitch: Not all videos are created equal. Many people get lost in stale, infomercial-type advertisements for products, which tends to only get seconds of view time. Content videos, on the other hand, contain storylines, tangible demonstrations and offer an invitation to explore further.
  • “How it works” product videos: Many companies are seeing the value (and increase in engagement) of having videos of their products in use. Giving your audience a clear scenario where they can see themselves is an incredibly helpful way to feature your product’s relevance and usefulness to their lives in a way that doesn’t come off as too salesy.
  • Split tests: Split tests are essential to determining the course of your campaign. Subtle changes can make a big difference in how people relate to your videos. Analyzing the different conversion rates in both versions will give you valuable data as you develop your messaging further. With our team’s collective experience, we can help in the process and help guide course correction as needed.
  • Video testimonials: Often even more impactful than you talking about your product is someone else, ideally in your audience’s main demographic, talking about the difference it made for them. People find video testimonials a sign of honesty and transparency, and often find themselves saying, “If so-and-so is willing to make a public statement about how good this product is, it might be worth more investigation…” In addition, it is an excellent way to maintain a relationship with happy customers, and keep your business in their minds for referrals to friends.


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