New Creative Release: Network Affiliates, INC

Every six months we get to come up with a new set of legal advertising creative for Network Affiliates and their clients. It’s a privilege to work with the agency that pioneered television advertising for attorneys more than 30 years ago. Being the sole video production company for Network Affiliates, we get to attend their client conventions in fabulous cities like Charleston, Miami, Boston, and Las Vegas, to unveil our latest creations in both broadcast and digital. Because we are so integrated with both the agency and their clients, it gives us the opportunity to understand the wants, needs and obstacles in the legal advertising vertical. This relationship allows us to produce high quality, top performing creative – unlike anything seen in the legal market today.   “We know that these commercials will stand out. They will attract the right audience. They will get people thinking about your brand, about your firm. That helps you stand out. More importantly, getting the phone to ring and getting you cases – quality cases.” – Jeff Feierstein, VP Production Services We’re very excited about the broadcast and digital creative that we just released at the Encore in Las Vegas. Check out the sizzle reels for this reveal, […]

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The Best Way to Use Video on Websites in 2016

Why businesses of all sizes NEED to include video in all marketing plans moving forward Web video production services have never been hotter. Increasing in every industry, businesses everywhere are beginning to discover the capabilities of a compelling video. Instead of wading through pages of technical details, videos bring concepts alive. Video marketing allows your audience to have the closest thing to an in-person experience, making your products or services far more real to them than a text-based description. With websites and social media becoming an ever-increasing part of today’s market, video-based marketing has become a must for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Many forward-thinking business owners have taken the plunge into video content with enthusiasm, but don’t have the experience to know how to construct a video that engages, and how to then leverage it. How can you utilize your video potential to the fullest? An experienced team such as ours knows how to create the structure for effective web video production and implementation. Let’s explore a few of the ways you can give your company an extra edge with video marketing: Home page videos: There is a marked increase in conversion rates when the home page has a video offering an introduction […]

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What Does a Full Service Video Production Company Do?

When you think of a full service video production company, you may think of oversized budgets, overpriced rates and celebrity talent. However, that’s not quite what it means. Being a full service video production company means being dedicated to creating an end product that not only meets expectations, but produces results. It means building brands, empowering innovation and facilitating creativity through a talented team of individuals. It means pushing boundaries on what we can explore, do and create. Sound good? Here’s an inside look at the building blocks of a solid, full service video production team:   Writers: These talented individuals translate your vision into words that captivate audiences of all sizes and demographics.They know what sells, what engages, and how to express it meaningfully to your viewers. Producers: Full time producers understand the production process, and are diligent about keeping projects on task and on budget. Directors: Tell your story with a creative spark. (At Crosspoint, ours happen to be award winning!) Art Directors: Help create the vision, taking your video to the next level. Editors and Audio Engineers: There are many benefits of having a full time editor and audio engineer on your side. A few of them include: high quality video and audio production as well as […]

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The Secret to Leveraging Corporate Videos

The use of video is becoming increasingly popular in the digital advertising space; but the term “corporate video” seems to have a reputation of being dull, boring, costly and ineffective. Why? What are these so-called “corporate videos” missing? Let’s explore the benefits of investing in corporate videos and how to make them work for you. We often get asked why it’s important to work with a corporate video production team such as ours. Why not just pick up your home camera and give a chat about your product; information is information, right? While there are many benefits, one of the main ones is this: Investing in a quality video shows that you believe your product or service is worth investing in! Why would your potential customers offer you money when you aren’t willing to display the same show of faith? Details like this make a difference in showing your audience that you plan to be around for a while, and that you don’t cut corners in your services. Along with the importance of quality comes an importance in storyline. A video can make things come alive. This is your chance to offer a compelling, tangible experience. You want to give your audience a reason to be […]

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Affordable Video Production Ideas for When You’re Low on Time and Budget

Can I Produce Something Great With Limited Time? People seeking affordable video production services often ask if it’s possible to produce high quality videos within a relatively short period of time. The quick answer is: absolutely! The key to making a high quality video with a short turnaround time is simplicity. With a straightforward plan, clear goals and the support of a skillful team, you can look forward to attaining excellent video content. The video production process requires care, attention to detail and ideally, some previous experience to make the process go smoothly. Here are some key points we recommend considering when you are getting ready to produce a video and need it in a shorter period of time. Keep it simple. This is the key to the whole thing. Compelling videos don’t need to be elaborate; they need to pack a punch. This isn’t the time for intricate animations and special effects. Simple, clear messaging is what will make your video memorable, direct and effective. Get clear on the goals of your message. What’s the goal of your video? To gain interest? Build trust? Education? Boost product sales? Knowing your intended outcome will help you, and your audio and video production team, to hone in on […]

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How Long Does It Take? Navigating the Video Production Process

Video is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Studies show that when given the choice, people would rather watch a video about a subject they are interested in than read about it. To give your business a competitive edge, it’s vital that you have a quality video presence on your website and social media. So here you are, ready to shoot a video to showcase your business. What can you expect from the video production process? How long will it take? People tend to ask us this often, especially when they are new to this type of marketing. Here’s a few things to consider along the way: Production team vs. one-man contractor – Timing can vary greatly based on who is creating your video. While technology and talent allow individuals to create perfectly adequate work, timing can be an issue. An individual can take months in editing the raw footage, and if they have other clients, there’s no guarantee you’d be the priority. With a production team, you have different people working together to create quality videos with a cohesive, reliable process. Shooting raw footage vs. assembling clips – Does your video involve shooting original footage, or is it based on previous clips? […]

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