Network Affiliates – Personal Injury Testimonial agency | Network Affiliates editor | Matt Struck audio engineer | Kirk Clausen Testimonials are a great way to express the personal feelings of how a product or service has impacted an individual. The benefit of this particular series of testimonials was that they were going to be used on the internet, thus not being constricted to the 30 second requirement of a typical broadcast commercial. The footage was shot in HD on a green screen background. This, along with it being finished for the web, provided the advantage of resizing the footage at each cut and compositing the subject over a faux environment with changing depth of field. In turn, this provided the power editing effect of tight shots to really express the deep emotions of the testimonial and cutting wide shots to avoid jump cuts.

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Awesome Vintage Legal Ad “The Book”

In a perfect world, I would definitely read this book to my future children. I mean, there is no better story for bedtime than one titled “The Story of an Accident Victim.” Evidently, in 1989, fear tactics weren’t even invented. This story is so tame, that it almost could pass off as a child’s story book. Come on! Where’s the sirens, flashing lights and gratuitous flash cuts? You can’t make a dramatic spot without flash cuts. I will admit, back in 1989, this spot could have inspired the minds that animated “Waking Life” and “A Scanner Darkly.” I’m sure it also took ages to render.  

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CCT+Media Pantry for Rocky Mountain Health Plans

A rainy and snowy Colorado day won’t stop this year’s production. We started in the knee-deep powder at Loveland Ski Resort; moved on to gorgeous interiors in rainy Idaho Springs; and now we’re dancing with a cowboy at  in the Highlands. CCT will shoot two commercials over the next two days in various front range locations for Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Theresa Wingert and Henry Lynk (Media Pantry) are shooting Canon 7D.  I’m wrangling data and auditioning color grades in Baselight for Mac. Henry’s martini… not THE martini

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