Crosspoint Announces the Addition of blu-ray to its Facility

The Blu-ray technology that Crosspoint has gives editors the ability to author not only in the leading professional formats, but now, the highest quality consumer format. This is revolutionary to the Denver market because the final deliverable of this system can now be produced in the highest quality. With Crosspoint’s editing capability, you can now share a clear, crisp and seamless HD production on Blu-ray. “Making optimal use of the rich graphic capabilities and technology that is available at Crosspoint’s facility allows clients to customize their video productions.The addition of Blu-ray will increase our ability to provide the highest quality end product,” said DONALD CORSIGLIA, Senior AVID DS Editor. Blu-ray helps create a viewing experience where the onlooker feels like a participant in the action.This progression of Blu-ray has revolutionized the standard at which video is recorded and edited within the global market. “HD technology and Blu-ray has changed the standard of video clarity for the common household and we feel obligated to exceed that expectation,” said KIM CROY, General Manager of Crosspoint. For more information about Crosspoint’s upgrades contact the General Manager, KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or

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