Crosspoint Hires Sr. Audio Engineer

With a recent upswing in business, Denver’s premier post production house announces the arrival of Sr. Audio Engineer Kirk Clausen. Kirk’s extensive understanding of music theory has lent itself to his ever-growing success. His sound design experience spans from studio to stage and encompasses live music and theatrical productions. Kirk comes to Crosspoint with an established understanding of Logic Studio, and our complete Pro Tools audio system. Everyone at Crosspoint is excited to add Kirk’s talent to the roster and his personality in the hallways. For more information about Crosspoint and their recent growth, call 303.233.2700 or

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Crosspoint Announces the Addition of a Baselight ONE Colour Grading System

Crosspoint is announcing a complete HD workflow solution with the addition of a Sony HDCam SR deck and Filmlight’s Baselight ONE color grading system. Baselight completes a start-to-finish, non-linear, data-centric HD workflow at Crosspoint. The Baselight system allows you to grade SD, HD and 2K footage natively, and in real-time. The multi-node architecture developed by FilmLight allows for complex grades in unlimited layers, as well as the ability to compare multiple projects at the same time. With the complete HD workflow solution we can ensure top quality final products quicker and on budget. Crosspoint’s colorist, ERIC ANOLIN, added: “Dedicated color grading has been the missing piece of the HD puzzle not only at Crosspoint, but in the entire region. Our clients were also demanding a broader tool set, with limitless creative options; a working environment on par with the west coast post houses. FilmLight’s Baselight was the obvious choice.” The Baselight system adds to Crosspoint’s wide range of resources. They have already had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects with Baselight and it has proven itself every step of the way. Please contact the General Manager, Kim Croy, at 303-233-2700 or, to set up a demo for […]

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Crosspoint Announces the Arrival of a Sony HDCam SR Deck

Crosspoint’s wide spectrum of resources and capabilities just increased with the addition of the HDCAM SR deck. Through 22 years of business, Crosspoint has been involved in an evolution of technology and has seen impressive new strides made from within the world of audio and video. “With this addition, we now have the capability to work with uncompressed HD tapes and edit the most minute and important details in a picture, “said editor, ERIC ANOLIN. General Manager, KIM CROY, said, “The HDCAM SR deck is another integral part of the complete HD workflow that Crosspoint offers. Now we can lay an HDCAM SR tape onto Blu-ray, allowing for the clearest HD quality.” Very few people fully understand the complex nature of HD technology. This is one of the reasons Crosspoint wants to talk to you about it. For more information about Crosspoint’s upgrades, contact General Manager, KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or

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Crosspoint Announces the Addition of blu-ray to its Facility

The Blu-ray technology that Crosspoint has gives editors the ability to author not only in the leading professional formats, but now, the highest quality consumer format. This is revolutionary to the Denver market because the final deliverable of this system can now be produced in the highest quality. With Crosspoint’s editing capability, you can now share a clear, crisp and seamless HD production on Blu-ray. “Making optimal use of the rich graphic capabilities and technology that is available at Crosspoint’s facility allows clients to customize their video productions.The addition of Blu-ray will increase our ability to provide the highest quality end product,” said DONALD CORSIGLIA, Senior AVID DS Editor. Blu-ray helps create a viewing experience where the onlooker feels like a participant in the action.This progression of Blu-ray has revolutionized the standard at which video is recorded and edited within the global market. “HD technology and Blu-ray has changed the standard of video clarity for the common household and we feel obligated to exceed that expectation,” said KIM CROY, General Manager of Crosspoint. For more information about Crosspoint’s upgrades contact the General Manager, KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or

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Crosspoint Announces Addition of Corey Hayes

Denver’s premier post production house announces the arrival of COREY HAYES as Business Development Manager. Corey comes to Crosspoint from Red Tree Marketing, an advertising agency in Greenwood Village. He was part of the team that nationally launched GoodBelly Probiotic Fruit Drink and has worked with clients in the food, beverage, manufacturing and automotive industries. Project Coordinator SHAWN ROBERTS said, “Corey’s experience and unique market outlook ads to the youthful demeanor of Crosspoint. We couldn’t be more pleased about this addition to the team.” The announcement is made by Crosspoint General Manager KIM CROY, who says “the addition is necessary for us to continue to offer first class service at Crosspoint. Some of the upgrades that we are making to our facility demanded that we bring on someone to manage the new business.” For more information about Crosspoint and their recent upgrades contact Kim Croy at 303.233.2700 or

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Crosspoint Announces Anniversary

Throughout Crosspoint’s 23 year history, there has been a lot of change as far as technology and skill level. However, one thing has remained constant. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Crosspoint’s GM, KIM CROY. Kim was hired in 1989 in the mail room and has worked her way to become the go-to person at Crosspoint. Along the way she has had jobs that include label maker, project coordinator, financier and now General Manager. All of her experiences lend to her current success running Crosspoint. “Kim was promoted to her current position 2 years ago and has made some great changes around Crosspoint that have created new opportunities for our clients. She has consistently stayed on the curve of new trends and technology which allow for a more diverse portfolio offering.” – Corey Hayes, Business Development Manager. Crosspoint has developed affordable, fresh new packages that allow almost anybody to record and distribute a message. Throughout the rest of 2009, Crosspoint will continue to ramp up excitement around these new forms of communication and they are eager to explore these options with their clients. For more information about these services, contact General Manager, KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or

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