We’re taking over this space

It’s time for the horses to pull the cart.
The dog needs to start wagging its tail.
The lunatics are going to run this asylum.
(…wait, is that last one supposed to be a bad thing?)

We’ve become frustrated by the stale content and static ‘web-brochure’ nature of our website.  We’re choosing to provide less flash, and more substance. If you’ve found your way to this site because you’re researching our facility capabilities, or looking for contact info, that’s all still right here. Our hope is that you also learn something about us as individuals.

We aspire to fill this space frequently, with relevant and useful content. We won’t always succeed.  Having worked with so many talented copywriters, we understand our role in the creative process; and this blog is no different. The real wordsmiths sit behind the client desk staring at the back of our heads, while we play to our strengths – creating the images and sound to tell their story.

We’re not changing our site for the sake of change. We want to connect with you. Please take a look around, check out our work, and leave some comments. There’s an ongoing conversation that Crosspoint hasn’t been a part of for a while.

It’s time for us to speak up; and these are our voices.