What Does a Full Service Video Production Company Do?

When you think of a full service video production company, you may think of oversized budgets, overpriced rates and celebrity talent. However, that’s not quite what it means.

Being a full service video production company means being dedicated to creating an end product that not only meets expectations, but produces results. It means building brands, empowering innovation and facilitating creativity through a talented team of individuals. It means pushing boundaries on what we can explore, do and create.

Sound good? Here’s an inside look at the building blocks of a solid, full service video production team:


  • Writers: These talented individuals translate your vision into words that captivate audiences of all sizes and demographics.They know what sells, what engages, and how to express it meaningfully to your viewers.
  • Producers: Full time producers understand the production process, and are diligent about keeping projects on task and on budget.
  • Directors: Tell your story with a creative spark. (At Crosspoint, ours happen to be award winning!)
  • Art Directors: Help create the vision, taking your video to the next level.
  • Editors and Audio Engineers: There are many benefits of having a full time editor and audio engineer on your side. A few of them include: high quality video and audio production as well as quick turnarounds on revisions and versioning. They make you and your brand look and sound like a million bucks.
  • Cameras: The types of cameras used directly translate to the production value of any video. Having access to high-end camera packages are a big key to producing the highest quality video.


With a team packed with talent on your side, you also have their collective wisdom; taking away the pain and setbacks of the learning process. They know what sells, what engages, and how to express it meaningfully to your viewers.

Crosspoint offers full service video production for clients near and far. Everything can be done at our Denver, Colorado office or we can bring it to you, wherever you are! We understand that some clients need the flexibility of having our team shoot on location, capturing juicy details on the inner workings of their brand and getting a richer look into a company’s “flavor”. In addition to a solid creative and production team, Crosspoint also has these assets available for you to use:


  • Sound Stage: Our sound stage is specifically designed for ease of use and flexibility. The stage consists of a pre-lit green screen, with cove and cyc. And because it’s in our building, we can be shooting one minute, and editing the next. Click here for rental queries and more information.
  • Audio: We have a fantastic voice over booth, audio facility and full time audio engineer. With access to over 50,000 royalty free music tracks, as well as relationships with composers, we can create custom music for any project you can imagine.
  • Grip Truck: Top of the line truck stocked with additional production equipment and gear for any job.
  • Talent: We’ve also built up some fantastic relationships across the world for stages, crews and talent; so that you have access our expert teams wherever you are.

Our team has that coveted ability to help concepts come to life. We help tell a story to spark interest in your audience, to help them to see themselves in. If you’re not sure if something can be done in the world of video marketing, rest assured that our team will develop a plan to make you look good doing it.

Call us today for some inspiration and new ways to connect you with your audience! We’re excited to see you shine – (303) 233-2700!