Crosspoint Announces the Arrival of a Sony HDCam SR Deck

Crosspoint’s wide spectrum of resources and capabilities just increased with the addition of the HDCAM SR deck. Through 22 years of business, Crosspoint has been involved in an evolution of technology and has seen impressive new strides made from within the world of audio and video. “With this addition, we now have the capability to work with uncompressed HD tapes and edit the most minute and important details in a picture, “said editor, ERIC ANOLIN. General Manager, KIM CROY, said, “The HDCAM SR deck is another integral part of the complete HD workflow that Crosspoint offers. Now we can lay an HDCAM SR tape onto Blu-ray, allowing for the clearest HD quality.” Very few people fully understand the complex nature of HD technology. This is one of the reasons Crosspoint wants to talk to you about it. For more information about Crosspoint’s upgrades, contact General Manager, KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or

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