Oscar Nominated Short Film “Logorama”

Just watched the short film “Logorama” during a render and was blown away by the animation and creativity. What I am really impressed with is the pre-production and set design that went into it! To gather the 2,500 Logos used to create the world must have been a painstaking task. The story line is hysterical. What would be a fairly depressing story arch is made laughable by animated classic logos and iconic spokes-figures, (ie. Ronald McDonald trafficking high caliber fire arms and enriched uranium.) The story consists of various parallel characters ultimately coming together in a Magnolia-esque  culmination….. Minus frogs. Here is an excerpt from our friends at “By French design collective H5, Logorama is worth taking the 15 minutes or so running time out of your lunchbreak (there is some potentially NSFW language).” Here’s the link to it on Facebook. Check it out. I’d give it an oscar.

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