Lotus Headlines Fillmore Auditorium

With the 3 camera packages owned by Crosspoint, I had a boatload of options for shooting Lotus’ first show headlining Denver’s The Fillmore Auditorium. Per the band’s request, I acted as a roaming camera and documented the performance. The energy in the building was intense and the band blew the doors off, making the footy energetic and fast paced. I opted to use the Sony EX3 with the standard glass for mobility, plus the thing shoots great in low-light settings. Make sure to check out Lotus next time they come through the D. Brothers Luke and Jesse Miller grew up in Green Mountain so they are in and out of town quite a bit.

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Colorado Lottery Birth of a Ticket

Futuristic Films shot on 35mm film, transferred to HDCam SR at Lightpress. After the first day of rough cut, the creative process was at a standstill. Matt Struck set aside the storyboards and presented a completely different cut, that eventually became the final version with agency, production company and client input. It’s always good to hear a round of applause coming from the AVID suite!

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Join Crosspoint and its Clients on the Edge of a Communication Frontier

There is a lot to be discussed with 2009 now upon us. Our nation is experiencing many changes, from a down economy to the transition to digital television. Throughout these changes, though, Crosspoint continues to explore affordable new ways to push the communication boundary forward for its clients. Podcasts and webinars create a breadth of new opportunity because they allow companies to connect on the same level as their audience. Messages can quickly be tailored for clients, shareholders, industry leaders, employees and the like. These mediums offer an affordable and customizable way of communicating. They can be downloaded at the audience’s leisure, and thus help ensure a responsive listener. “Podcasts and webinars are forms of media that you only have to record once and sustain your message to a continually expanding audience” said Crosspoint audio engineer CHRIS WALSH. He continues, “Both podcasts and webinars give you a tremendous amount of options as far as how you convey your message and who your audience is. It is a new way of branding that allows for so much creativity. I am so excited to be a part of this frontier!” Crosspoint has developed affordable, fresh new packages for podcasts and webinars that […]

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