Join Crosspoint and its Clients on the Edge of a Communication Frontier

There is a lot to be discussed with 2009 now upon us. Our nation is experiencing many
changes, from a down economy to the transition to digital television. Throughout these
changes, though, Crosspoint continues to explore affordable new ways to push the
communication boundary forward for its clients.

Podcasts and webinars create a breadth of new opportunity because they allow companies
to connect on the same level as their audience. Messages can quickly be tailored for
clients, shareholders, industry leaders, employees and the like. These mediums offer an
affordable and customizable way of communicating. They can be downloaded at the
audience’s leisure, and thus help ensure a responsive listener.

“Podcasts and webinars are forms of media that you only have to record once and sustain
your message to a continually expanding audience” said Crosspoint audio engineer
CHRIS WALSH. He continues, “Both podcasts and webinars give you a tremendous
amount of options as far as how you convey your message and who your audience is. It
is a new way of branding that allows for so much creativity. I am so excited to be a part
of this frontier!”

Crosspoint has developed affordable, fresh new packages for podcasts and webinars that
allow almost anybody to record and distribute a message. Throughout the rest of 2009,
Crosspoint will continue to ramp up excitement around these new forms of
communication and they are eager to explore these options with their clients.

For more information about these services, contact General Manager,
KIM CROY, at 303.233.2700 or KimC@crosspoint.com.