Awesome Vintage Legal Ad – “Grocery Store Fall”

This week is kind of a continuation from last week’s epic delivery slip and fall. This awesomely vintage ad demonizes your local produce clerk into a grossly negligent moster. Dark and evil music escalates the scene until poor Gertrude’s stiletto slips across the wet tile, sending her bag, keys and apple,….. directly to the ground?…. Then, shooting, (literally), across the floor?… Speaking of negligence, streaks of water are blatantly visible from previous takes of the keys sliding. Did they really not have time to let the floor dry before another take? Even a fan on set to expedite the process? Or, are those grease streaks from slicking up the floor? We may never know.

I can’t stop thinking about the scene in Tim Burton’s Batman, where Mrs. Wayne’s pearls fall to the ground as her son witnesses their murder. I don’t think this slip and fall really warrants that much drama, but what do I know. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Also note the excellent job at looping the final shot… Just make it a freeze frame.