Awesome Vintage Legal Ad – “Delivery”

From our archive of over 2000 legal spots, this is by far the most physically demanding spot I have come across. I give props to any person, even stuntmen, who can do take after take of such a gnarly spill. Granted, I think this delivery driver had it coming.

First, he rolls in driving a 2×2 1985 Toyota truck. I mean come on, Marty McFly rolled in the same year vehicle, but at least they sprung for the 4×4! I hope he has a boat load of sandbags in the bed because that rear-wheeled drive 2×2 is going to slide around corners as if it were “Too fast, too furious. Edgewater drift.”

Second of all, he’s rocking a pair of cowboy boots. Anybody who has sported a pair of those knows, there is absolutely no traction whatsoever on the soles of those bad boys. He might as well be wearing hockey pucks for shoes, because when those soles freeze, they are slicker than Barry Melrose’s mullet.

I just can’t get past how much that probably hurt. There are no crash pads, no spotters, just straight up coccyx to concrete.