Awesome Vintage Legal Ad – “Huntin’”

This is, by far, my favorite AVL that I’ve come across. Maybe growing up in Conifer, CO is the reason I have a soft spot for debauchery and killin’ things. Nothin’ like gettin’ loaded and shootin’ a gun, boy howdy! I tell you what, these boys know how to do it right! Driving their winnebago straight into an Aspen grove (not the one with an Apple Store), poppin a few Barley pops, drinking straight from a bottle of jack, playing poker for popcorn, wearing the Sorel’s with the fur on top despite the fact there is no snow…. Straight up ballin’! I’m still trying to figure out what these guys are hunting for. They are all carrying shotguns, its the spring and they are obviously in the mountains. Turkey? I hate to break it to you fellas, good luck getting a bird producing that much racket and only one can of Copenhagen! Amateurs.

I’m pretty sure I got some of my Senior pics taken in that aspen grove. Probably wearing a similar denim shirt no less.