anythink: A Revolution of Rangeview Libraries


This is one of two documentaries created by Ricochet Ideas and Crosspoint to unveil and explain a revolutionary new concept in libraries. We also created 3-minute webisodes to give focus to more specific library topics. The shows have been broadcast at four new library opening events and are the key presentation at the 2010 National Public Libraries Association show. The shorts have been released virally on YouTube and to library-specific sites.

The majority of all filming was during live events and could not interfere with the proceedings. This required a small, highly organized crew that could maintain a tight schedule, organize VIP interviews, and shoot B-roll surroundings within just two days.

Measures of Success:

More than 1,300 hits on YouTube in the first three months.

Target Audience:

Library directors nationwide, community leaders, and consumers.

Specific Roles on project:

John Bellina, Ricochet Ideas – Writer/Director
Tasso Stathopulos, Ricochet Ideas – Art Director
Joan Laflamme – Proofing
Corey Hayes, Crosspoint – Producer/Director
Luke Bishop, Crosspoint – DP/Grip Sound
Chris Walsh, Crosspoint – Sound Design Audio Engineer
John Riccardo, Crosspoint – Editor
Nate Rich, Crosspoint – Graphics
Jeff Chiba Stearns – Animation