How Long Does It Take? Navigating the Video Production Process

Video is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Studies show that when given the choice, people would rather watch a video about a subject they are interested in than read about itTo give your business a competitive edge, it’s vital that you have a quality video presence on your website and social media.

So here you are, ready to shoot a video to showcase your business. What can you expect from the video production process? How long will it take? People tend to ask us this often, especially when they are new to this type of marketing. Here’s a few things to consider along the way:

  • Production team vs. one-man contractor – Timing can vary greatly based on who is creating your video. While technology and talent allow individuals to create perfectly adequate work, timing can be an issue. An individual can take months in editing the raw footage, and if they have other clients, there’s no guarantee you’d be the priority. With a production team, you have different people working together to create quality videos with a cohesive, reliable process.
  • Shooting raw footage vs. assembling clips – Does your video involve shooting original footage, or is it based on previous clips? Not only do you need a good videographer, but you also need someone who can skillfully transition between original footage and clips, when needed.
  • Animation – This can add extra time as well, especially with someone who hasn’t made this their main focus. For professional-grade animation, you want someone dedicated solely to that, which is often easier and ultimately more affordable with a production team.
  • Music, Sound Effects & Mastering – While we often think about visuals with video, people sometimes forget the importance of the role that sound plays. Will you need to hire an additional person for sound/mastering, costing you more time and money, or are you going with a team that already has that as part of their package?
  • Experience – With a production team, you have years of collective experience to keep the process running smoothly, with the helpful bonus of knowing the common points for challenges and longer times being needed for specific details. Having a predictable system, including a video production process outline, is invaluable for being able to anticipate the process and what will be needed to support its efficiency. There is usually someone on the team who specializes in your specific needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to your video. This can save you time, money and spare you from unimaginable levels of frustration.

What are the main goals of your video? When you are clear on your needs for content, timing and your intended results, you’ll have a better picture of what will support your business moving forward. Call us today to see how we can help you create compelling video production packages for your business; we promise you’ll be glad you did — 303-233-2700!